Bel-Aire Elementary School

Mission Statement


 Recognizing the value of education in developing and maintaining a democratic society, the mission of Bel-Aire Elementary School is to provide its students with opportunities for optimum academic development with a setting which provides for intellectual, socio-economic, and physical differences and satisfies behavioral needs related to democratic ideals, ethical and moral values, and aesthetic appreciation.


Heather Blenden Principal:demo

Statement from our Principal

September 11, 2012



Springfest is coming!



May 1, 2013


MCT2 Testing: GET READY!!!

May 1, 2013

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

- Henry Ford


Week at a Glance


4/10-Failure Notices

4/15-Student Council Meeting after school

4/18– Last Day for AR Goal and the Zoo Challenge!

4/22– Student Council Meeting after school

4/24– Progress Reports

4/25– Zoo Field Trip for the top 2 point earners in each class for AR.

4/26-Pickle Day

4/29-5/1-Kindergarten Registration



5/1-5th Grade Science MCT2 Test

5/10-MCT2 Picnic and Pep Rally

5/14-MCT2 Reading Test

5/15– MCT2 Language Test

5/16-MCT2 Math Test

5/17-MCT2 Make-up Day and Field Day

5/20-Kindergarten Water Day

5/21-Reading/Social Studies Nine Weeks Tests

5/22– Language/Science Nine Weeks Tests

5/23-Math Nine Weeks Test and last day of school

-8:30-Kindergarten Ceremony

-11:45– Student dismissal

5/28– Report card pickup from school


Updated: May 1, 2013



Feb. 21-Terrific Kids Program

     1:00 for K-2 and 1:30 for 3-6

Feb. 21-PTA Meeting and Art Club presentations 6:00pm 

Feb. 21- Last day for AR goals for term 3

Feb. 22-Pickle Day

Feb. 22-Talent Show @ 5:30  $3 admission at the door

Feb. 28- Black History Program-6pm 

Updated: Feb. 20, 2012

Grading Scale:

95-100 = A

85-94 = B

75-84 = C

70-74 = D

69-below = F

Updated: September 12,  2012

Message from the Principal

Principal Blenden

 Our world is changing quickly, and some people would say we have a lot of troubles in our world. 


This is what former President John F. Kennedy says:

“In times of trouble and change, it is more true than ever that knowledge is power.”


Every day at school, you can become smarter and more powerful because you’ve learned a little more about the world around you.  And in a rapidly changing world, we need bright and powerful human beings to make the changes positive.


For the rest of the school year, let’s continue to get smart and become powerful people who can make the world a better place.


Person of the Week!  Albert Einstein

Einstein contributed more than any other scientist to the modern vision of physical reality. His special and general theories of relativity are still regarded as the most satisfactory model of the large-scale universe that we have.






Bel-Aire Elementary Receives Plaque

Bel-Aire received a plaque from the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources in recognition of the companies who funded the grant.

Gala Ball!!!

It is that time of year for our 5th and 6th grade Gala Ball!   


Who:  5th and 6th grade Bel-Aire students only

When:  May 18        6-9p.m.


Where:  Bel-Aire Elementary Gym

Dress Code:  Semi-formal/Church wear

Requirements for attendance: 

· No more than 18 demerits since March  26

· Must have passing grades on progress

                 report on April 24


Keys to Successful Learning School Wide Rules

1. I can and I will do what I am asked, the first time I am asked, by an adult in this school.

2. I can and I will not use any part of my body or the words of my mouth to harm any person, place or thing.

3. I can and I will ask permission to speak or to leave my seat.

4. I can and I will be prepared for class and do my best at all times.

5. I can and I will walk quietly from place to place, in a straight line at all times.

6. I can and I will tell the truth at all times.


From the Nurse

Please make sure children are dressed appropriately for the weather, long pants or leg tights with coats when the temperature is below 50 degrees.

Please do not allow your child to bring medicine to school. The medicine must be turned into the nurse by the guardian. This includes medicines such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Midol, etc...

If a child has any specific food allergies, the nurse and cafeteria must have an updated doctor’s excuse confirming this allergy.  These doctor’s excuses must be updated every new school year.

Also here is a link that can help you child's health!






Mr. Phillips helping the Bobcat Robotic Team
 Fun Times at Robotics!!
Girls RULE!!! Getting Serious Terminator 4 !! Two Genius's at Work! Like Father and Son 
themed object

Building Academic Excellence!!